Why MDI?

Because more is better when it comes to the relief you want, right?

What about being confident that you’re actually going to get more every time you’re looking for relief? Isn’t that better, too? We believe it is, which is why we use Metered Dose Inhalers, or MDI, for our products.

When taking any kind of supplement, the faster that the highest amount of the active ingredients can get into the bloodstream and start doing their job, the better.

Congratulations! Now you know what bioavailability is!

nhaler products are 98% bioavailable, making them one of the most effective ways to get their active ingredients into the body. When these active ingredients are introduced into the lungs, the deep lung tissue absorbs them and gets them immediately into the bloodstream.

No digestion or liver processing necessary, but we’ll get to that.

When the time counts… (and yes, we’ve counted)

How fast active ingredients get into the system determines how quickly you can feel the effects. You can watch the hands on the clock tick away waiting for relief, or you can press and get to it. We prefer getting to it.


Under 5 Minutes

Active ingredients are delivered almost immediately into the bloodstream through capillaries in the lung tissue.


Approx. 45 Minutes

When taken orally or sublingually (under the tongue), active ingredients must be broken down and separated from the oils and flavorings before they take full effect.


Up to 2 Hours

In capsule form, two different breakdowns must occur to get active ingredients into the system. The digestive system has to dissolve the capsule, then breakdown the ingredients for delivery. 


Up to 3 hours

You will probably have the best results with these when taking them on an empty stomach. Gummies must pass through the entire digestive system and be processed by the liver before they start to take effect. 


Approx 1 1/2 Hours

This may take less time to kick in, but will only deliver active ingredients to the area where the topical is applied to. How effective it is can vary on skin oil, temperature and strength of the topical product

Size matters.

A particle size of 5 microns to be exact. There are plenty of ways for ingredients to enter the bloodstream, the problem comes when you start to think about how the body processes those ingredients. The more that the body has to breakdown and process, the less of the active ingredients are left available to start working.

After exhaustive research, we learned that 5 microns is the perfect particle size to cross the blood brain barrier (or enter the bloodstream), and get our active ingredients working throughout the system. We did our best to get rid of all the excess stuff, leaving you with the speed, accuracy and relief you’re looking for.

Just right.

The aerosolized ingredients delivered from an nhaler are just the right size to enter the body quickly and start working.


Too Heavy.

Smoke or vapor is too heavy for the lungs to absorb, which is why smoke or vapor can be exhaled, preventing full relief.


Too much guessing.

4 drops, 10 drops or a full dropper? Oils carrying active ingredients are never fully accurate when absorbed orally.


Too long.

Ingestibles must pass through the entire digestive system, where active incredients can be turned into waste.


The waiting game is over.

We believe you deserve what you want, and although we can’t give you everything you ask for, we can help when it comes to relief. No fillers, no weird flavorings and nothing to get in the way of you getting what you want, when you want it. 

With Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) you dont have to make complex calculations involving how much you need to take, how much of the active ingredients you’re supposed to be getting, how many tacos you had for breakfast or which direction the wind is blowing. It’s one actuation (the “spray”), with a consistent dose of ingredients that works in the same amount of time, every time.

Finally, relief you can actually count on.


Let’s play “Would You Rather?” with Bioavailability!

Since nhaler is 98% bioavailable and 99.9% pure, it means you’re getting more active ingredients into the bloodstream that will have better effect. Just in case you were wondering, here’s is how nhaler’s reliable dosing stacks up to other delivery methods.

1 nhaler



7-9 Bottles


1 nhaler



1100 Gummies


1 nhaler



500 Capsules


It turns out, you actually can get more with less.

Not intended to compare any specific product or products. 

So why MDI? They work fast, they give you results you can count on and they can be a whole lot more effective than their counterparts. Our only question is… what’s not to like about them?