Make it your 2 PM reboot.

Make it your 2 PM reboot.



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The benefits of focus.

I really need to get that report done today. Ooooh, cats on keyboards! Remember, the dry cleaning needs to be picked up no later than 6. Wow, now that is really shiny. OK, now I’m really going to do it.

  • 100 metered doses
  • 5 mg /actuation
  • fast acting
  • zero thc
  • pure cbd blend

Ingredients: 99.9% pure CBD/CBG blend(derived from hemp), Proprietary terpene blend, Inhalation grade HFA134, Inhalation grade ethanol

Yeah, it’s one of those. Only it’s new, and it’s different. Here’s what to do…

step 1: Remove the cap.
step 2: Place in mouth, press down once and breathe in normally
step 3: Hold your breath for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly.
step 4: enjoy

Before someone snaps their fingers at you, focus.

You don’t lose track of time on the internet, you just temporarily misplace it.
You’re not going to let putting the fjarkalalla together get the best of you. Not today.
Finding the end of the internet should be a long term goal. It’s not going anywhere.
Exactly how many cat videos watched is too many? Asking for a friend.
Your “to-do” lists have turned into “Apologies for the delayed response” lists.
Netflix has asked you “Are you still watching?” more than once today.
You realize that “What was I doing again” isn’t just a reaction, it’s a whole vibe.
Is shiny object syndrome an actual medical condition? As far as we know, not yet.

Whatever you use it for, make it yours.

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