Here’s a story you’ve probably NEVER heard before. We saw a problem, and wanted to create a better solution for it. Crazy, right? 

About the Company

We started nhaler because we believe you deserve natural, rapid, reliable relief for all the things that life has to throw at you. Stress level through the roof and need something to break up the internal cage fight immediately? That’s what we’re here for. Ten thousand things to do today and absolutely no idea where you’re going to get the energy to do it? We’ve got that covered. Need to finish that proposal but your mind keeps trying to decode the universe? Yeah, we’ve felt that too. We know that everyone has their own challenges throughout the day, but each and every one of us wants relief we can count on. 

Enter the metered dose inhaler. Yes, it’s one of those. No, you don’t need to see a doctor to get one. MDI technology (not all technology needs a motherboard) has been used for decades to deliver ingredients immediately into the system. And since it’s “metered”, it means you’re going to get the same amount, each and every time. No brainer, right? Immediate relief in a dose that stays the same every time you need it.

Our proprietary ingredient blends are formulated to step in during the day and give you the rapid, reliable relief you can count on. We use FDA mandated cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to formulate and manufacture our products so you get medical grade quality parts, manufacturing and ingredients in a delivery system that has proven itself over and over again.

One thing is for sure. Life has always got another ace up its sleeve, ready to try and throw off your day. Nhaler is here to throw the quick “duck and move” at it and keep you going all day long. Nhaler is for you and your life. So whatever you use it for, make it yours!