Whatever you use it for, make it yours.

Introducing our proprietary blends of aerosolized CBD.

Finally. A fast, reliable and easy way to get the relief your day calls for.

We got tired of trying to figure out what magical combination would work best between the amount of the dose, what we had for lunch and how fast we wanted relief, so we made it simple. We tried to give it to you as convenient as the push of a button, but we had to settle on the press of a can.
It’s easy, it’s accurate. It’s rapid aerosol relief.

Why MDI?

(Metered Dose Inhalers)

Fast Acting

nhaler delivers cannabinoids almost instantly into the blood stream, allowing fast, reliable relief.

Accurate Dosing

CBD gummies, oils, creams and other delivery methods can’t guarantee the same dose each time.

Pure Ingredients

nhaler uses only pharmaceutical grade proprietary cannabinoid blends
(tested at 99.9% pure).

Best Value

nhalers are 98% bioavailable…making them the most cost-effective CBD delivery system.

What you need. Exactly when you need it.

Life is always going to have an ace up its sleeve, ready to try and take you off your game. Now you’ve got the goods to take on whatever life has to throw at you.

Calm down.

Zero in.

Perk up.

Make it your day in, day out.

Life has a funny way of turning what we hope to be a smooth sail throughout the day into a gladiator course complete with tennis ball cannons. Whether you need help waking up and then clarity after lunch, or energy for the gym or calm before shutting down for the night, our everyday packs give you what you need to tackle the whole day.

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We won’t over do it. We promise.