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Nhaler Products and Manufacturing

The world of personal vaporizers can be intimidating at first, especially if you don't know who and what you're dealing with. There are several companies producing PVs and more are popping up each day - many making lackluster products with poor craftsmanship. At Nhaler, we provide PVs from only the finest, proven companies. We visit our factories regularly to oversee manufacturing techniques and to fine tune our products for optimal performance. Our e-cigarettes and the vapor that is atomized while puffing provides an experience that best simulates smoking a regular cigarette.

Read below to find out more about each company and APV ('mod') to get a feel of the industry and the products we offer. Also check out the instructions page if you have any questions on how these products work.

N-Series: KR808, iGo, Echo Starter Kits

The N100 series is a specially packaged easy startup kit to get you vaping quickly and easily with no hassle.

This model is considered to be the best 2-piece ecig available at any price. It's considered to be the strongest throat hit available in this size range! The strong point of the Nhaler N100 series is that it is based around the high-performance cartomizer that we premiered before anyone else. As we are the most experienced in the US with the carto, you can rightly expect that we have the best update models. The N200, N300 and N400 series expand on our vast experience and give you the best mid-size and upgrade models you can buy - at any price.

There are numerous U.S. suppliers marketing their products now, with good success, but none starting CHEAPER than Nhaler. Available with or without a Personal Charging Case that affords users the luxury of having fully charged batteries while on the go. The products you see here are the same ones being sold in many malls for as much as $179.00.

All N-Series models are fully compatible with each other. N100 and its components are easily upgraded to N200, N300, and N400 and other KR808 connection devices.

510 Series

The 510 model is considered to be a leader in the 3-piece (battery, atomizer and cartridge) PV market and is capable of producing massive amounts of vapor and unique flavor delivery. Truly a leader in todays market, and offered with or without a Personal Charging Case that affords users the luxury of having fully-charged batteries while on the go.

Although this unit is a 3-piece with refillable cartridges, it can also be used as a 2-piece, using 510 cartomizers and Drip Tips - and many prefer this mode. Nhaler has contracts with the biggest factories in the world to bring you the top performer to best simulate the experience of smoking a regular cigarette without all the harmful side effects.

The Darwin

The Darwin is a power-regulated personal vaporizer by Evolv that can be used with all of your atomizers and cartomizers that have a 510 connection. It is considered the #1 Personal Vaporizer on the market and is offered exclusively by Nhaler in the USA.

This device features new, state of the art technology bundled with a sleek design. The Darwin boasts unprecedented power capabilities which are properly managed to outlast conventional battery advanced personal vaporizers, giving the user ultimate control in adjusting the wattage of your PV.

The Darwin's thumbwheel allows you to choose your desired wattage (power). When you press the button to vape, the Darwin reads the resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer and adjusts the voltage to attain the wattage you've chosen. The Darwin is constantly reading that resistance and adjusting the voltage appropriately, so you'll always have a consistent vape even as the resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer changes with age or while heating up as you vape.

The Darwin has a swivel atomizer connection. Swivel it all the way down to turn the unit off and it's very pocket friendly. Swivel it all the way up, or anywhere in between, and you're ready to vape in whichever position you find most comfortable.

The Darwin does not require additional batteries. Its 1,600mAh internal battery is charged with the included AC charger, or can be charged with a standard mini USB cable connected to any USB power source. The USB charging connection also acts as a passthrough, so you can continue to vape while charging your Darwin.

The Opus

NHaler proudly introduces the Opus, a hand made wooden advanced personal vaporizer made in the USA exclusively for Nhaler, with an internal Li-Poly 1,200 mAh battery pack. The internal power regulated boards are made by Evolv and provide the same unique capabilities as the Darwin in a stylish wooden and brass case. The Opus has a USB port and comes with a charger in the presentation box. The internal battery means easy charging and tremendous battery life.

The Xhaler Series

The XHALER was designed as a straightforward big-battery APV with no unnecessary features. There are 18650 and 18650 + Kick versions. Each USA- Made XHaler has been meticulously crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and brass. Using stronger, longer lasting batteries, the Xhaler offers a heightened level of performance together with such extreme reliability we give it a Lifetime Guarantee. It can also be used with the Kick booster board to make it work as a Power Regulated device - an unbeatable combination.

The Xhaler provides an extremely realistic smoking experience by producing vast amounts of vapor, incomparable with the average personal vaporizer. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and with interchangeable atomizer tips for purchase, the Xhaler is an easy transition from any other product. The Xhaler unit comes with a 510 threaded brass cap and is easily adapted to almost any other branded atomizers or cartomizers. Also look into the XSHaler - a smaller version of the Xhaler.


Our E-Liquid line is produced with the purest liquids available in the industry and made with Kosher USP Grade PG and VG base, and flavored with the best natural flavorings available. Lab tested for purity. Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid for refilling your cartridges, cartomizers and dripping!

Once you get into refilling you'll find a wide world of flavors opens up to you - and let's not forget the big cost savings too. Once you start refilling, costs fall through the floor!